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A million years ago I fancied myself as a nonfiction writer and got paid lots more cents per word than I currently pay for fiction, to write stuff. Of like, a scientific nature. To inform people. In books.

One of the projects I wrote two pieces for took a very loooong time to get off the ground. In fact I got paid so long ago that I don't even know what I spent the money on and the book is to be launched next week. Finally. I wrote them when I was still in the early years with the ex and was living in Hardy Rd. Wonder what year that was?

Anyway, I so don't care about the project anymore that I'm not going to go to the launch. But I was invited and also invited to purchase a copy at a discounted price. Somehow I feel like the fact that I haven't been able to actually consider these published works on my CV for the last 5 years should entitle me to, oooh I dunno, a contributor copy? I have to decide if I want my discounted copy by tomorrow cause it needs to be preordered by Thursday. Since I'm not going to the launch, if I want it posted to me, the discounted price is $70. (And the P+H is $16 ... what kinda post are they sending it me via? That seems expensive)

The only reason I am remotely considering paying that much is cause ... well it's nice to see your name in the ToC. But... is it $70 worth of nice?

ETA: Just queried on the post cause thats how much it costs to send NCN to England or France.
ETA2: I got the response - I did not set the price, so I am unable to comment. I smell dissention in the ranks. Anyway, makes a $54 book kinda expensive. Maybe I will see if I know anyone who can pop into an office at UWA for me.
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