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jonathanstrahan to me: I know what's wrong with you, you haven't blogged yet. You don't normally go this long between blog posts.


I have a severe case of the blahs. I spent several hours last night replying to emails - I think I worked through about 50 - and that felt good to get sort of on top of at least the inbox. I don't delete or file anything until I have actioned whatever the email is about. So if it's slush, that has to be sorted. If it's a draft of a story, it might need to be edited. It might be a long personal email to reply to. It might be orders for books. They all get funnelled into the one email address and await there for action. (And that's my number in the gmail status window - the current number of emails waiting for action).

But I still have a bunch of yucky things to do - finish updating my CV, apply for a couple of jobs and grants. Decide if I am going to one of my closest friends' wedding in Canberra on Conflux weekend. Exercise. Sort a bunch of pending items. Figure out what all the things that are white noise and annoying me should be added to my to do list. Tidy up my house. Finish editing two books. Sooooo much TPP stuff to catch up on.

I got a case of the blahs. And the I don't wannas.

I just don't wanna.

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