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and in other news

Nominations are now ready to be accepted by the Aurealis Awards Coordinator. This year I'm judging on the illustrated works/graphic novels panel and am looking forward to that.

I'm a bad dog mum - I spent the hour between 2 and 3 am telling Benji to be quiet, even so loudly as to hurt my throat, only to give up and see if maybe he wanted to go outside. Poor thing was busting to pee. In my defense, he was lying on the bed and every 5 mins or so would let out one half-arsed bark.

I ate pasta bake for every lunch and dinner this week. I finally have the last piece for lunch today and am giving Benji the very last piece for dinner tonight. I might cook something completely different just ... to be out there!

And finally, the opposing opinions of one girliejones and one jonathanstrahan behind the cut and concerning the cover art I posted yesterday.

jonathanstrahan - The figure on the left of the image immediately struck me as depicting a female figure in an exultant moment. Her arms are flung wide and she is facing the sky. It seemed a possibly religious piece of statuary, but certainly a giant public piece of art intended to indicate some kind of joy and wonder.

girliejones Whereas for me, there is some kind of movement going on with that statue - she seems precariously poised, and slightly off balance. She reminds me of a village virgin about to throw herself off a cliff in exhaltation or to save us all. She looks about to leap to her death, to me, in any case.

Link to the original piece of art here.
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