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A different perspective on the Iranian Twitter Usage

I've only seen this link on Twitter: Israeli Effort to Destabilisize Iran Via Twitter.

The blog post presents a case that the so-called Iranian Tweeters may in fact be three spamming accounts, and suggests/concludes that it is Mossad waging a propaganda campaign to destabilise Iran.

Whether that's the case or not still remains to be seen and I suspect within the next week things will be a lot clearer - whether the protesters are successful or not, whether it all settles back down to status quo, who and what was true and so on.

However, I am still deeply fascinated, even if this claim turns out to be true. It's kinda wild, when you think about it - that Israeli Intelligence had a brainstorming section meeting and thought up ways they could topple the power in Iran and came up with three Twitter accounts to spam the world. Was that really the best suggestion that came out of the meeting? And ... it's not like it didn't kinda work, in some ways, which is even wilder.

What's more, what the whole thing has revealed is of course how many people would like for change to come to Iran - large parts of the (Twitter) world jumped on the bandwagon and voiced their dissent (140 characters at a time). I like that the little things really can make a difference. I like that it brings home the idea that one person (three spammers) can make a difference in the world.

Tags: current affairs, twitter
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