girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Not so much with the productive

Brain refuses to be doing things useful. Grrr. Doesn't seem helpful to push.

So far I have sorted through all the media releases for books we have recently published reviews on ASif! and popped them into emails to go off to alert the PR reps at each of the publishing houses.

And filed the above.

Finally designed the log cabin 3.5" square for my scraps from all the other patchwork projects. Wondering if maybe it should only have been 3" but the square in the centre is pretty small now as it is. Will actually throw out scraps smaller than this. Is all templated up and have located said scraps that I have been saving. Is it wrong to start sewing yet another WIP?

Thrown a bunch of ideas at the Swancon 36 committee, none of which are on tomorrow's meeting agenda.

Bitched and moaned about stuff.

Pulled out the Robot War Espresso manuscript.

Answered about 20 emails.

grr. Faffing about.
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