girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I don't like Monday Mornings

Triple J are taunting me with their playing of the new Regina Spektor album. Harumph. I checked in JB Hi Fi and it doesn't come out till the 26th. Want want want it.

I had a funny dream last night. The whole weekend I kept wanting to call Benji "Sabby" - the name of the last dog I lived with (the ex's boxer who was lovely but kinda mean). Anyway, I'm sure that's why I dreamed of him last night. In fact for some reason I was trying to drink some kind of chicken flavoured lemonade whilst I was sitting at a very long table where people had brought all kinds of desserts and were sharing these out up and down the table.

After I couldn't stomach the chicken flavoured lemonade, A from work and I popped past my ex's new house which was built on the top of a hill, almost on a precipice, and I did some quick engineering scout around the foundations of the building and thought that it wasn't properly sealed and supported and that would slowly disintegrate under it. I didn't say that to my ex but I went out to the back balcony and knelt down and gave Sabby a really really big hug to say goodbye and the sweet thing lay his head on my shoulder.

I can't remember now if I said goodbye properly when I left. I was still looking after him a bit at my house after I moved out so maybe I never really did say a big goodbye cause I didn't know that the last time was the last time?

Tags: dream
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