girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Finally sitting here at the end of the day

Tomorrow I have to attend a half day workshop that I don't wanna cause it starts at 9.30 and is about a 40 min drive north.

Yesterday I was slightly taken aback by everyone showing up to my place with some food. Not that I don't like to do the same when I go somewhere but I was all, "My friends don't think I can cater!" To which the reply came back, "Your Facebook status said 'Need chocolate'"
Doh! Have good friends :)

I'm getting a lot of sympathy for our 7 hour meeting yesterday but honestly, only brains got broken because we worked solidly and brainstormed, and then did fine-level work, and did a lot of workshopping rather than presenting formulated ideas that were prepared earlier. It was really productive - mostly in the way that productive means creating new long to do lists.

I had something else to post but my brain still appears to be broken.

ETA: Just had a mini freakout because Benji came in from outside with a dirty mouth and then appeared to be playing with something in the dining room that he brought in with him. Turned out to be a snack that he must have buried for later. But it occurs to me I have no plan if that were to have been, say, a mouse.


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