girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Pineapple and Gin

I felt last night needed some kind of nod in some sort of alcoholic/wallowing way but all I had was gin and pineapple juice. I did have bacardi and had I known ...

Anyway. It was what you would expect that to taste like. And mostly it was this kinda fake wallowing act that mostly looked like chatting to a couple of people online, watching Grand Designs (that house was butt ugly) and sewing my new patchwork project and watching episodes of Season 2 of Enterprise. [1] And realising I am actually pretty damn content in my world.

However, the entire exercise was worthwhile for this comment alone, left by robinpen on my Facebook Status.

"I now have images of you in dressing gown and thick socks holding a gin bottle going through the pantry looking for anything ANYTHING that could go with it. You pause at the tin of peaches. You, hmm, at the jar of Nutella. You are about to grab the Lime cordial when you spot the pinapple. PINEAPPLE! That goes with anything. They put it on pizza. It has to go with gin. The opening of the tin. The one last pause as you requestion your decision of pineapple, but it's a short pause. You get the glass, you only half carefully judge the amount of gin. You go with the slightly more generous. Then you pour the chuncks of juice in. You don't hesitate to taste as you have a sense of commitment. You consider the sensation carefully. Then give a shrug of what the hell and saunter out of the kitchen with a sense of scavenger satisfaction. A job well done!"

That just makes anything better, doesn't it? *grins*

[1]Oh my freaking hell but did they think they'd reinvigorate the franchise by just showing more nudity or something? Got to an episode where T'Pol goes behind a white sheet hanging on a line and takes off her clothes and puts on a dress showing her full, naked silhouette. TWICE! And I'm yelling at the screen, "that does not make up for the stupid, stupid plot that is this episoide!"

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