girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

*shakes head*

So, being Premier of a state is not the same as king. Even if you act like it.

What are the chances that Barnett (of the big channel fame) got his sketches for the riverside foreshore assessed for envionmental impacts?

Cause ... ah ... hate to tell him but DPI has a maximum number of days for flushing and that big old square swimming pool thing off to the side of the river looks ... like its gonna be a big old smelly stagnant unflushing pool to me.

Is it just me, or when you have WHOLE DEPARTMENTS of experts, presenting "a couple of sketches" as a vision for Perth at a press meeting, a bit ... pathetic?

And ahhh ... where's the prime real estate for that "useless bit of turf" that people seem to use now for open recreational space when working all day in the concreted city if you flood it?

I dunno, couple of ideas off the top of *my* head.

(Opinions expressed are mine alone)
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