girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Canberra bound

Well, I coughed up the money and am going to go to my friend's wedding in Canberra. I feel really good about that - I have always felt bad about not going to a friend's wedding in Melb when probably I should have. I really am touched to have been invited to this one, have been there along the way with all sorts of decisions, including advisement on shoes and invitation address labels and so on. And I love both the couple. And it's two functions, so I'm glad to be able to go.

Next year money might be tight. It might be. It might not be too. I believe in me and I believe I will sort out the job uncertainty - I've lived like this for the last 4 years so ... And if the OCD has taught me anything, it's that you can spend today being anxious about things that may never happen tomorrow, and all you did was ruin your enjoyment of today.

Which means I intend to pop my head into Conflux a bit. Or a lot. Not sure yet. What I can say for sure is, there will be Horn and A Book of Endings and Robot War Espresso and New Ceres Nights at Conflux, at some point :)

Tags: life, twelfth planet press
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