girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

swings and roundabouts

Finally chilling out after yoga. Today I have felt sleepy and sluggish.

At yoga it was obvious and L called out to me to ask if my energy levels were low and then to just pull it all back for the session. Which is the great thing about yoga. But it was frustrating for me. Interestingly, though, I still went even though I felt subpar - normally I would bail on exercise. And we did preparation for bend backs this week - I did 2 of the 3 stages so stopped at the bit where your head is on the ground. But ... ahhh was good to be nearly that stretchy.

So yoga was less than great. Came home and have been slow to move. Discovered I have been piling dishes in the kitchen, thinking that the dishwasher needs emptying and it doesn't.

Talked at cross purposes with a friend today and that was unpleasant.

Was slow at work too.

But ... sent my CV off to my two employers of preference and heard back from Choice Number 1 - she has two vacancies and is about to advertise them and would like me to apply. So the selection criteria and panel interview bit does not sound enticing. But ... the job I most want is the one I currently have so, this is the next best choice. Not because of the job per se but I quite like the boss, the location of work is ok. And it would still be sort of involved in aspects of my area. Though it would probably mean more maths and straight engineering and that would require revision. Paying job is the priority though :)

I'm tired. Maybe port and chocolate and then bed for me.

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