girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Things you don't hear every day.

Last night at yoga, my instructor comes to fix some pose I'm in: Alisa, you really are difficult to teach. You find every loophole to get around things.

At lunch whilst scoffing at Lord of the Rings for being a book about a bunch of guys prancing off into the distance in search of a *ring*: Excuse me?? What was that, Miss Unicorn Porn? Yet you thing looking for a ring is weird?

Ahh that book, she gets around.

Morning tea took catering at work up a notch today. I cannot even describe the delicacies we were treated to. It had several people thinking about brushing up their baking and pulling up their cooking socks. I suspect "just make sure there is cheese" won't cut it any more.

However several people were seen leaning back in their chairs, sighing and moaning: I ate too much spinach.

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