girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Female Appreciation Month more links

I am so loving checking out everyone's embedded tunes!

jasonfischer appreciates Le Tigre
babalon_93 appreciates Kate Nash
pharaoh_katt appreciates Lily Allen and Alice in Videoland
lyndahawryluk appreciates Hole and Regina Spektor
benpayne's discovery is Amanda Blank
catundra is doing some awesome posts but they are flocked. She featured some Suzanne Vega yesterday which reminded me to note that I really hate Luka, as a song.

And um, cause it's cool, Jimmy Carter leaves the Southern Baptist Church after sixty years because of its treatment of girls and women


Happy 40th Anniversary to the MOON LANDING!!! AND WOODSTOCK! Both events were significant events in both my parents' lives and thus by extension, mine, on account of being born only 7 years later. Wow. I think that makes me old!
Tags: female appreciation month, music
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