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Female Appreciation Month Day 9

Kate Nash - Made of Bricks

Another album that got me through my first few months post breakup. I think if you like Lily Allen and/or Regina Spektor, you'll probably like Kate Nash. I love her accent. I love her honesty in songs like Dickhead (Why you being a dickhead for?/Stop being a dickhead/Why you being a dickhead for?/You're just fucking up situations), Mariella and Mouthwash.

This song, Foundations, pretty much summarises it all, she just "gets" it. I love it.

I love this song too - Pumpkin Soup:

It's probably quite an angry album really. It's why I related so much to it just after my breakup and probably why this is the first time I have pulled it out to listen to it since. That, and um, I never put CDs back in their cases. Ahem. There's some lovely songs about first love on there too.

I also listened to Dido today - only No Angel though, since I didn't really bond with her second album. BIG confession: I first fell in love with Dido through the WB TV Show Roswell which had Here With Me as its theme song. Perhaps I'll leave the confession there :) and embed the song:

I bought No Angel, played it incessantly and whatnot. And then Dido had a resurgence (with me) when Eminem teamed up with her on Stan. Here's both versions cause I love both versions!!

Live Acoustic version cause I couldn't embed the official one. This one has a huskier, less touched up voice sound:

Dido and Eminem perform Stan live (though it's a verse short, I think):

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