girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Music of course evokes a lot of memories and feelings. I've noticed I've become quite introverted in the last week, mostly for the reasons I think I covered in the last post. But as I delve into some of the music of the early 2000s I realise that most of the music reminds me of the ex - music I was listening to whilst we were together, music that we discovered together, music I listened to that he hated, music I listened to because he hated, music I hate because he loved it. All that fuckedupness. And I think probably today was the first day that I delved into music I loved from back then. Tomorrow I am going further in.

It's hard when you were with someone for so long to fully move on and leave it all behind. I like a lot of that music and I want to take it with me, without him. I wonder if I can just leave him there. Sounds easier I think than it actually is.

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