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Last Short Story

You know you're not quite right when you update your column in the Last Short Story spreadsheet, work out how many shorts you have left to read and think, "Oh cool only about 500 to go."


I've been reading a lot of material that others have happily and forcefully zeroed. I feel like part of the project is for across the seven of us, to have at least read everything. Course there are outlets that none of us are going to read. Some are outlets we read last year and the year before and fall into the category Ellen Datlow refers to as published, unedited slush. And I don't feel bad about us not covering that.

BUT!! I have 500 shorts to go and I know not everything is in the spreadsheet yet! And there are less than 80 days to go. And yes, I've saved all the novellas to the end. And I really really want to be conversant in say the top 300 shorts published in 2009. So I'm going to get a bit tougher than I normally would. Otherwise, I just am going to miss out on the point of this project. Again.

jonathanstrahan threw us the list of our current top 40 so far. It's kinda fun when he does that because it's totally meaningless this far out from the end (not enough of us have double or tripled up on the read material yet) because the list will totally change later. And its cool to watch other readers come in and balance each other out.

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