girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

A Book of Endings is out there!

Is it just for me or has anyone else noticed that lj is not syndicating feeds? I know that the Twelfth Planet Press news has not syndicated through this week. And I nearly missed this: BoE spotting on Jeff Vandermeer's blog:

Now, on to books received. You want coffee table books, I’ve got coffee table books. Comics? Check. Novels. Yep. Story collections? Yessir, including two from Ramsey Campbell and the debut from Deborah Biancotti, A Book of Endings, which is presented in a sweet design from one of my new favorite publishers, Twelfth Planet Press (watch them–they’re smart, savvy, and when you get one of their books, you just know from the look-and-feel that they’ve got that extra little something that makes a publisher special). Pull back the veil and, voila! Books, for you.


Tags: a book of endings, twelfth planet press
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