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A Book of Endings reviewed in The Age

I was aware the review of A Book of Endings was coming but was reminded about it when I woke up Sunday morning to a bunch of sales in my inbox. The buzz has kept on coming all week with several new interests for reviews and interviews so I have been very very curious to read just what Lucy Sussex thought of the book. narrelle kindly offered to post me a copy of the review on Sunday (all hail the power of Twitter) and it arrived in my post box last night (all hail the power of Australia Post). To whit, the review:

The busiest short-story writers in Australia are working in speculative fiction, a mixture of dark fantasy, science and other unsettling stuff. They are also some of the best, although largely ignored by the major local publishers. Biancotti has won various awards and been commended in international listings. She is working in the Zeitgeist of The Road and Steven Amsterdam - the apocalypse and afterwards - but at much shorter length. There are 21 short stories here. Most have the germ of a novel within them. A robot dog rusts in a decaying royal palace, but sticks to his duty. A girl slips into the interstices of Sydney. Thugs tussle over black market electricity. What Biancotti will do with more space, and a novel framework, remains to be seen. But the stories are succinct and powerful. Best ordered online, as the publisher is a micropress.
-- Lucy Sussex, The Age, October 25, 2009

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