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The resolutions list

I'm a listy kind of person so I've been trying to work out my new years resolutions for about a week now. You get to a certain place and you realise that the kind of resolutions people tend to make are really quite pointless - quit smoking, lose weight, get fit ... meh. I'm over that kind of thing. I reviewed last year's list, the actual one is at home so I'll have to wait til I get back to check it properly, tended to be more lifestyle/thought pattern/approach oriented and whilst I didn't follow through or adopt all of them, I did absorb enough of them to make significant change towards life improvement, things that became part of everyday and helped make things better. And so I want to build on those kind of things for 2010's list.

I also like cassiphone's goals list so I might make and post that one later. So far I have these:
1. Unpack the blender, keep it on the benchtop and learn to make verious smoothies and cocktails
2. Go through my to read/reading pile and cull books that I have been "reading" for a lengthy period of time by admitting I don't want to read them or am not enjoying them and remembering all the books I really wish I had time to read. And start reading those instead.
3. flinthart is tempting me to add Buy an Icecream maker to this list.

Some time last year (OMG 2009 was last year already), I sat down and wrote a 5 year plan for Twelfth Planet Press. It's a plan for where I want the press to be in 5 years time but it's also partially a roadmap for where I hope my life will be in that time too. And I split the list into yearly increments, I guess with 2010 being the first year, since I was already well into 2009. I've noticed how, when you have that kind of direction, I am tending to streamline other commitments. And that is leading to a place where I spend time doing and being with people that I value and want to be. ie that I am happier. So in 2010, I intend to streamline better and more effectively in the pursuit of the life and lifestyle that I want.

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