girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

New Years Eve and other bits

Last night was the chaos that flinthart promised with lots of people, kids, waterfights, food, dogs, cats ... power outages, the lot. I ended up opting not to join in for movie night as it required climbing up a ladder that was just a little too flimsy for my liking. When the power went out after everyone was settled in the loft, I must say I was more than a little glad not to have to navigate my way down in the dark.

I left the year orchestrating two (spider) murders. I admit it, I hurrahed! flinthart apologised to the spiders. I either sighted 5 huntsmen in my 3 nights here or the same two who kept coming back in after being escorted out. I figured they had fair warning. I started the year washing off the remains of the murders with a nice hot shower, Happy New Year greetings with friends here and online and then the power promptly went out again.

Other than that, there've been mini cooking lessons here and there - today was cheat's jam and chocolate mousse. Yesterday there was gluten free tortillas and calzone.

Mostly though, I've been chilling out. Wandering off to my room (boring I know!) and working, catching up on the internet and taking time out.

I can't believe it's January and work is only 3 days away. Sigh.

Tags: tasmania, xmas holidays

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