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Last night at the flinthart abode and I fear I have not been the best of guests, retreating into my room and doing work and such. Tonight we had Alisa-friendly Nasi Goreng and chocolate mousse! The mousse, alas, was not Alisa-friendly but some things in life are worth the price and you decide that going in.

I also got an impromptu jujitsu/self defense lesson. I have a few tricks now that I shall practice.

I don't know how but I have been in Tasmania for 10 nights, tonight, and I am still on WA time. Partly I probably have switched over to my holiday mode which is about three hours difference from fitting into society mode. It just so happens that that's Perth time.

Tomorrow we head back down to Hobart, the Flinthart clan are coming and there is likely to be high spirits, tomfoolery and merriment for my last night before going home. I am very sad that my holiday is nearly at the end. It's so easy to take for granted being able to have conversations face to face in real time, I shall dearly miss both Tansy and Dirk :( I've even done a reasonable amount of work, having several discussions with both of them and with Bruce from (Cool)Shite on podcasting - Mama needs a microphone and pop filter (or something).

Which just means I shall have to return again to Tasmania for another visit some other time - too bad for me, eh?

Tags: tasmania, xmas holidays

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