girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Back in Hobart

We made it back to Hobart, the Gallant flinthart made it happen, I really don't know how. There are random quotes:

Me: Muffins are like cats.
flinthart: Ah, no they aren't.
(They are - they fall on their feet)

flinthart: Well done Younger Son on eating your dinner, two more bites and the mythical dessert will coalesce.
Me: This is why your kids will never be normal

On the trip through Kingston, we were regailed with the story of the Giant Killer Rocking Horse of Troy. (We can never speak of it again)

Me: Hmm, Younger Son? You are very quiet in the back there. What are you doing?
flinthart: Ah, good, you have developed the Younger Son Intuition.

There are photos, I will make a post of them later tonight.

We have resettled ourselves in at cassiphone and aifin's place and now a cold bottle of bubbly has been opened and is being enjoyed. I spent the afternoon working on Sprawl. I received about 70 submissions and have now responded to almost all. I have a few minor things to finalise still. And then to plunge into the editing round.
Tags: tasmania, xmas holidays

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