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Very last of the Tasmanians

So um, my fly by drunk post last night totally skipped a bunch of stuff. We had much to celebrate last night and I really enjoyed the first few drinks with flinthart, cassiphone and aifin. Not so much the later ones :( There was much merriment and laughing and silliness and somehow I ended up sitting on the floor under the table and then my laptop got confiscated and all hell broke loose. Then it got very very messy. It was fun and good to just hang out with my friends. I'm very sorry to be off home today.

Some final shots from my stay:

I got totally and utterly spoiled at flinthart's. I was sitting up in my room sewing and working and I got brought a bowl of homemade honey icecream. That there is the photo of the empty bowl :) This might be where the icecream maker idea came from ...

View from the house, apparently typical Tasmanian summer weather. I put a jumper on.

Every morning I got up and headed down to the kitchen and flinthart would say "aha! breakfast for you!" and then he'd whip something delicious and gluten free. My last breakfast was this omlette with nasi goreng filling, probably the finest omlette I have ever eaten.

The Mau Mau's pause button was hit during the packing stage for heading back down to Hobart.

Then we all piled into the car and headed down to Hobart. Ahem. That's Younger Son in the back with the pillow up blocking his face.

That's probably all my photos and posting for this trip. The thing I forgot to post in my previous post was that this trip for me has been very challenging for me in some deeply personal ways. I've been working on overcoming my OCD - mostly in the everyday you might not notice it, *I* might not notice. But the living with kids thing? Definitely a personal challenge in lots of ways. I don't like the whole "being confronted with just what you can deal with and then slowly push the boundaries". Cause eventually ... well, nervermind. In any case, there have been moments but I have made it through. Yay. And I will go home and have a lie down.
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