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It's hot out our way. I'm blaming the heat as one of the reasons I am behind in oh, everything. I keep finding my brain melted by the time I sit down at night to work. It's the dry, scorching kind of heat so I'm not complaining as much as I might normally. I don't mind the dry heat. Dry heat as in, open the oven door stick your head in, kinda heat. I'm pretty sure I baked my eyelids coming out of the WASFF meeting on Sunday - at 5pm it was still 41 degrees C.

Last night it was hot. But I'm lucky as I have aircon. I have aircon at work too but the power keeps coming on and off as they have so many temporary buildings here and they have to be cooled down or you bake andwe're overloading the system. Last night, my aircon worked all night and only managed to bring the temp down to 28 degrees, according to the thermostat. And it seems that last night was the hottest January night in two decades

Temperatures dipped to a low of just 26.8C overnight after a sweltering 42.7C day yesterday with the mercury nudging 30C for most of the night.

Damn that's hot.

And it seems it really is hot out our way:

Perth is currently experiencing the hottest summer on record with maximum temperature averaging 31.8C so far – much hotter than the usual 30.2C.

The city is currently also in the grip of 60-day dry spell with not a drop in the gauge since November 20 last year.

And it's gonna continue to be hot out our way:

The Bureau of Meteorology says February to April will be cooler than normal in Victoria, Tasmania and Adelaide compared to Sydney, Northern Territory and Perth which is forecast to bake.

I've been keeping the dog inside. It's just too fucking hot.
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