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Yesterday, I

Yesterday I got back on track. My job situation got totally sorted out, in every direction I got wins. I can hardly believe how neatly the whole thing folded up but it did. So big yay.

I also got stuck into things. Shiny 6 is mostly all at layout/proofing except for a couple of bits and pieces round the edges. I finally rolled up my sleeves and began getting stuck into Sprawl editing. It now has a tracking spreadsheet which somehow makes the whole task doable. I'm also pulling extra weight at ASif! so I've been publishing 3 reviews a night for the last two nights and will do for a couple more nights til we're back on track. Swancon 36 is in full swing and I have much to do on my list before the meeting on Sunday.

Busy busy busy.

I visited my parents last night. And I also designed my template for my charm quilt, finally, after much faffing about on graph paper. I know what shape I want to use - triangle, 6 of which fit into a hexagon. But what I don't know is how I want to piece the triangles in order to have an overall visual effect. I realised I need to have actual colours and pieces to fiddle with to work this out so I created the template last night and began cutting triangle shapes out of my entire stash. I have hardly begun making an indent into the stash but it's awesome fun! And I get to relook at all my fabrics in my collection. Huge fun! See, I need to know how many pieces I have in order to work out if, and how many, charm packs I then have permission to buy. Cough. At Cough.

I was grumpy last night. But this morning, looking at the projects I still need to get into high rotation on my done list - Cold Cases, Glitter Rose, ASif overhaul, con planning and reading of new novella submissions - I have much to do and should quit being grumbly about *things*.

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