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From kathrynlinge:

So we're winding things up here at Snapshot Central. There might be the odd straggling interview coming in over the next few days, but offically we're done. Over the last week we (Kathryn Linge, Random Alex, Girlie Jones, Rachel the Mechanical Cat, TansyRR and EditorMum) have interviewed 86 people from the Australian Spec Fic Scene! We've been delighted by the results - not just the sheer number (three more than last time!), but also thoughtful and fascinating answers our interviewees have provided. Thanks to everyone who has participated!

I want to say a big thank you to Kathryn who ran the show behind the scenes and got this whole thang off the ground!

If you missed any or want o see in one list all 86 interviewees, check out her list here.

Meanwhile, tonight I published the 800th (and 801st) review on ASif! since we began in 2005!

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