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I'm currently waist-deep in my taxes. I'm determined to have these done by the end of the week, even considering how much else I have on. I've discovered that I did lots of prep work on the 3 week break I took between jobs and have picked up from there and the end is actually in sight. Not only the end in terms of lodging my taxes without having to bunker down for a couple of weekends in a row and wanting to put my eyes out with a stick but also in terms of finally setting up a really robust financial tracking system for TPP. I'm trying to focus on answering one question at a time and inputting all the data as the first step. This means I am not doing any final number stuff till the weekend - it is afterall just one click of the button anyway. Whatever helps you keep going without getting depressed or horrified, eh?

The same plan seems to be helping me actually get stuck into setting up my personal budget. This has been on my to do list for several *years* now. The plan was to audit one year's worth of spending to see what I actually spend my money on and then set targets across categories. But that job is so horrifying - I don't think I actually want to know how much money I spend on food, bills, craft, books and so on. Anyway, I am in a pretty ruthless mood at the moment so I just decided to enter receipts as I spend money this year and then see how I go from there. And that is less frightening and also has already led to some areas where savings can be made and so on.

Other than that, I have a jampacked week - for some reason. And lovely writers are already sending back edits and proofs and so on whilst I'm in the midst on working on other things and I think the snowball effect is happening. Email response is slow.

Last night I locked my keys in the car whilst stopping past my parents. I'm in that kind of headspace, alas.

This is Day 2 of being gluten and dairy free. I managed to drink 2L of water yesterday. I might be feeling a bit better. I'm going to give this 5 days.

Tonight we are recording episode 2 of Galactic Suburbia and then I am off to have dinner with kathrynlinge!

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