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Galactic Suburbia Podcast Episode 2

We recorded the second episode of Galactic Suburbia last night. You can download it for your listening pleasure here or via itunes (it wasn't up when I checked last night but presume it must be soon).

In Episode 2 we talk about:

- Karen Miller's new 7 book deal with Orbit
- The Australian Shadow Awards shortlist
- Scary Kisses edited by Liz Grzyb
- Doctor Who (I fell offline in the middle)
- the Nebula shortlists
- Swancon 2010
- Nicholas Sparks and the romance genre industry
- Jensen Ackles doing Eye of the Tiger (gratuitous link)

What we've been reading
- The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer
- Nepture Noir edited by Rob Thomas
- Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
- Mirrorshades edited by Bruce Sterling
- Women of Wonder edited by Pamela Sargent

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