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And the tidy up begins

Perth is in recovery mode. I was in late to work this morning cause the Foxtel man came over to upgrade me. He called at 7am and was working on the job at 7.30. Not bad. I ended up being not too late into work. There was debris and mud everywhere. I went through a couple of major sets of traffic lights that were still out. One had police directing traffic through. Councils had trucks out clearing stormwater drains and checking damage. Western Power must have worked through the night - I got a knock on my door after 9pm following up a call but it wasn't from me. I popped past my bank but they were closed due to storm damage. I did get my tyre puncture fixed though.

It was an eerie feeling - a combaintion of getting on with things that were on my to do list and needed to be done and also recovery mode, and having to accept that we're not actually back up and running yet, as a city. It feels in some way like some terrible thing came through - it wasn't a nice feeling navigating all that traffic last night. I hope I never have to drive in the apocalypse.

The day's been spent trying to get on with things but still just trying to settle my nerves.

I'm sort of not batting good averages with my to do list:

Optician - rescheduled
Vet - moved to tonight
Bank - on hold
Dog - organised room and board for over Easter
Carpets - cleaner booked in
Car - tyre repaired and headlight fixed

But I had to add to these:
Car insurance claim for hail damage
Toilet - still not FUCKING working!!!! Now the cistern will not fill with water. Srsly

Remaining on list:
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