girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Ahhh ... gaffes, eh?

So, the Obama and the Senate have achieved health reform for the US. It's not perfect, it will need tinkering, hopefully it's not done. Speaking as someone who has always had access to the medical treatment I have needed, I feel very lucky to live in a country where the government and the people consider healthcare a basic need that everyone should have access to.

So, after all the "Obama hasn't done anything since he's gotten into Office" lamenting that has gone on, I lay back last night and thought about what a really big (fucking) deal passing this bill is. Like, it's a big (fucking) deal. Hopefully it won't be the only thing Obama does whilst in office and hopefully he will use it as his personal motivation - if he can do that, he can do anything.

And then I thought about Joe Biden. Cause how can you not? Don't you all think about Joe Biden when kicking back and relaxing after a tough day?

What I was thinking though was, what was Obama thinking? I couldn't find the exact moment captured on still camera with his expression after Biden leans in and says to him "This is a big fucking deal."

Was he thinking, "Dude! I'm micced!"
Was he thinking, "Man he has a potty mouth!"

No, I think he was thinking, "You think I didn't know?!"
Tags: current affairs, politics

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