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Chag Sameach

Last night we had our first night seder. This year was kinda tough - a few of us had been to a funeral that day and I personally did not feel all that joyous. Other bad news had also hit the family. So our seder was subdued. And my sister goes into hospital for an operation tomorrow. It's been a tough week.

But our family from Melbourne had flown over and it was lovely to see them. We recounted the Exodus from Egypt. We told the same jokes as we always do and laughed at them because it's *tradition*. And my uncle got annoyed again at the Haggadah that we use - in like 1978, my grandfather went to Israel and whilst he was there, bought the whole family a set of the same Haggadot (this is the book that we use to retell the story and run the seder). And ... well, this book has hilarious typos, bad quality printing so some words are hard to read and it uses ye olde English. So we have a ball using this text. And so my uncle wants to get us a *proper, serious* set to use in the future. My cousins and I, and my sister would have if she'd be in the room and not settling the baby, have sworn a pledge to ALWAYS use this set of Haggadot. No Matter What. It's TRADITION! We have agreed to go rogue and to hold our own underground seder, if that is what it takes! We will not be moved!

The other momentous occasion was that it was my niece's very first seder. That brought us great joy - the object of the seder is to retell the story, specifically for the children, and when there aren't any at the table ... well ... it's just less fun, I reckon. My cousin was glad because soon he will no longer be the youngest and won't have to sing Manishtana anymore. The youngest at the table asks the 4 Questions - Why is this night different from all other nights? And the explanation, as is traditional when you ask a Jew a question, is the the 1 - 2 hour retelling of the story. So our bubby started the seder at the table. And she had a gorgeous bib that said "My first seder" on it and it had 3 matzot on it. It was hilarious!

And that was our seder I guess. Thoughts elsewhere, hearts saddened. But comforted by family.

Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach and/or a Happy Easter.

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