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Swancon Swancon Swancon Swancon

Swancon starts tonight with a cocktail party to meet the guests. I hope to get home from work and packed and checked into the hotel and unpacked in time to make it. This weekend is going to be manic and is jampacked full of STUFF for me!

Tonight I am launching Belong after the cocktail party, I believe there will be food and drink. You should come along. I think I will wear The Shoes.

Twelfth Planet Press will be trading all weekend long so come find us Perth and check out A Book of Endings, Roadkill/Siren Beat and Horn. We'll also have a bunch of other TPP books as well as other small press books for sale.

You don't want to miss our Swancon 36/Natcon 50 launch on Sunday at 6pm. We have much to entice you along to Swancon in 2011. For those not coming to Swancon this year, our website will go live on Monday and have all the information there.

I'm also looking forward to the launch of Scary Kisses on Saturday night.

And vodkandlime and I will be sitting on a panel called Perfectly Packaged: Designing Science Fiction on Friday at 4.30pm.

You know, or I'll just be in the bar.

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