girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Packing and works in progress

I hate packing. Even though all I had to do was unpack from Swancon, wash and reload. I've unpacked and washed and am procrastinating on the reload. Probably starting to cut it a bit fine. I'm struggling with how much I need to pack in terms of books and craft. When I was packing for Swancon I asked maelkann if it was weird that I was going to pack a book or two and he just looked up at me and said, "I packed a book." Ahh to be amongst one's people again.

So I have a book that is about 100 pages to finish, one graphic novel with only one chapter left to read, another graphic novel and a couple of stories from Sprawl to edit. And maybe I'll throw in a pair of socks I'm knitting. Surely that's enough? I always overestimate how fast I read. I think it's in part because I vary between being highly focussed and only working/reading one thing, till I'm not. And then I get so distracted as though, if I don't also try and read that or work on that project, I'll run out of time but all I end up doing is starting a bunch of things and not finishing any of them. Instead of systematically reading one book/ working on one project till I finish that one and then move on. Grrr. I am irritating myself today.


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