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Weekend away

Last night kathrynlinge and I flew into Canberra. We basically arrived at the hotel, went for a quick run out to the nearest 7/11 (bought a soft drink called "Jones" in the flavour "Fufu Berry") and then went to bed. I was just listening to kathrynlinge tell her bf what we did today and it sounded like we cafe crawled from one end of the day to the other. And sure, we did spend a lot of our time in cafes or eating establishments or getting to and from same but we also caught up with each other, went to exp_err's hen's (High Tea at the Hyatt), caught up with calla_s and idling (at same) and then had pre dinner drinks with crankynick and kaaronwarren and then went out to dinner with kaaronwarren and coffee after.

Pretty much the dream day! I had my two fave meals - breakfast and high tea. So good to see Kaaron after such a loooong time since the last time (What? in NYC??? 2007?) And we had Singaporean for dinner and I had Char Bee Hoon! Yum! Even though I have been careful (gluten free bread at breakfast) and exp_err organised gluten and dairy free for me at the high tea, I've still ended up reacting to food and had a very near miss with macadamia nuts. I think there was MSG in dinner. But I'm finding the more I am eliminating irritants in my meals, the more I am reacting to even the slightest allergens present. So I think I am ending up feeling worse than when I started. Such is the way.

Tomorrow exp_err and homonculous shall wed. So exciting. I'm really looking forward to it. We also heard that the French Impressionists exhibition has been extended. We shall check that out tomorrow too - we've been sad for months that it was supposed to finish last week before we got here.

I seem to be reading a lot this trip and look to run out of books. That seriously never happens to me. And I didn't not bring stuff. Ahh well. Excuse to buy something else. Innit.

Tags: holidays

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