girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Plodding along

Ugh. Am sleepy and in pain today. My back has gotten more sore - heat packs were initiated in the night. Benji barked at 3am for the first time since he's been back at my place since Easter. Grr. The suburb is dead silent and then he gets a bee in his bonnet, or more likely, a cat is sauntering past, and off he goes. And I know how much it annoys the man next door - apparently that is very loud in his bedroom (one wonders what else he can hear) - so I start to panic and try and shut him up, which tends to make it worse. And he had been starting to be so well behaved and snuggly!

maelkann came over unexpectedly last night and he did that NCIS thing in the morning - all dressed up in uniform - and when he comes in to say goodbye, I always expect him to say things like "the perimeter is secure, ma'am" or whatever. We stayed up late reading - seriously, the only thing that is holding my attention in Breaking Dawn is the relationship between Jacob and Edward. And that's not right, I don't think? maelkann made it through the Fables volume I read in Canberra so now he is going to overtake me and I'll have to switch up. I'm not competitive, at all. Though once I read them, after him, I can return them to editormum and clear more space. It's all about the declutter, I swear!

Tonight we record the 4th episode of Galactic Suburbia and I'm looking forward to chatting with Tansy and Alex for that. I've been copyediting a lot for Twelfth Planet Press. Yesterday I was able to send 3/5ths of the content for Glitter Rose to layout. And I'm hoping to be able to start getting Sprawl to layout by the end of the weekend. We have our first Swancon meeting since Swancon 2010 this weekend with all sorts of items on the agenda. And I'm going to be seeing Cats with maelkann too as well as my first Gold Class experience at the movies on Sunday night as a treat from maelkann!

Tiiiiired right now though ...

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