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A Craft Post

Even though I feel like my crafting mojo has been quite low as I've been concentrating on taxes and then on reading and editing, I do seem to be doing a bit of crafting here and there. I decided to take up jo1967's suggestion of working on one pair of socks a month. I figured I could actually do that and it wouldn't be a major requirement on my craft time. And I'd end up with socks! (and use up yarn!) So I took two pairs of WIPs to Swancon with me, figuring I would be sitting behind a table for most of the time.

The first WIP was - and I'm not joking, I discover this kind of thing about myself repeatedly - one sock for myself completed, plus the second sock completely knitted and just waiting for the toe to be kitchener stitched up. This project has been sitting in my drawer waiting to be completed for about a year. I can really frustrate myself like this. I just ... abandon things, lose focus and the effort to figure out where I was up to can seem like so much that I leave it thinking I'm better off to just move onto something new and shiny. So that's the first pair of socks completed for myself this year. Yup, about 2 minutes of work was left on that WIP.

So the other project I took was the second sock of a pair I was knitting for my Mum. Her feet get very cold and sore in winter and the handknit woollen socks help. I worked on that sock most of Swancon weekend, stopping only to ball up a skein for the next project. I got stuck on the turning of the heel - been so long since I knit a sock - and had to unpick it and redo several times in the AGM. But I got back into the swing and knitted like there was no tomorrow as the debate in the AGM got more and more heated :)

I took this sock with me to Canberra and knitted till I ran out of yarn at the toe. Then I switched to a new project that has me quite beat. I cast on and messed up once in Canberra and then brought it home to try again. I ended up finishing Mum's sock - found some yarn I'd bought for my niece which was in the same colour and so it was a not too bad fit. Forgot to take photos and I hope I still have enough for bubby socks with the remaining yarn.

And then back to the new project - Marble Arches, a pattern that came with yarn I think named the same? from Blue Moon Fibre Arts as part of their Rocking Sock Yarn Club (from a few years ago). I've wanted to make these socks for myself for a good long while now and I watched as a bunch of other people knit theirs up and they all came out different - the yarn is hand dyed. But damn - the pattern is HARD. Definitely a step up a level for me. I've mastered the construction of a sock - I don't even need a pattern anymore. But this is a pattern on top of the sock pattern - I think it's a cable stitch but the cuff itself beat me several times. I have finally figured it out and will embark on the next bit soon.

I've also found myself behind again in the Virtual Quilting Bee. I took a break to work on my new charm quilt but I think after I matched as many random pieces as I could into hexagons, I lost my enthusiasm. I bought some charm square kits but lost the enthusiasm to sew before they arrived. All the new fabric has been washed and ironed and it's just sitting there. Waiting to be sampled for the charm quilt.

But I have so much stash that I'm excited about making things with. And I have at least 4 quilts on the go which I am not working on ... so I feel that itch and the guilt that I can't scratch. And yet ... last night I visited my Mum to give her the new pair of socks (which fit, hooray!). And I looked through her very nice new Jinny Beyer resource hard cover book for some ideas for this month's 4 blocks for fred_mouse. I grabbed 4 ideas for that but I did also have a look and find about 50 blocks that I would love to try out too. I think I might bring over bits of my stash and match them up to blocks in that book and see where I end up. There's a gorgeous fan quilt. And also lots of similarly themed quilt blocks on all kinds of things - airplanes (so want to do an art deco quilt), 3D effects, flowers and on and on.

ITCHING to start a new project!!!!

So instead, last night I worked on my very scrappy scrap quilt - 3 inch (finished) log cabin blocks. Nearly have enough variety to start piecing them together. I'll take a photo.

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