girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Masterchef Redux

This morning I grabbed a coffee from my favourite place just near work. As I hopped into the car, I took a sip, let the liquid roll over my tongue and thought, "Mmm. Yes that's very good, although the beans are slightly burned."

Must be Masterchef season again! When we all suddenly become food connoisseurs. We must suddenly become very irritating in restaurants too. But I was thinking, how nice it is to be encouraged to stop, taste the food that you eat and really consider all the flavours and textures. Appreciating the food that you eat forces you to slow down, eat less, be aware of what you eat, and hopefully stop eating foods you don't enjoy. If we're ever going to fight back against fast food, these would be important weapons in the artillery.

The other thing I love about Masterchef is watching the show with my friends. I was too young to get to go to Melrose Place parties when that show was on. I did do a little bit of group watching of new TV when I was working in Israel after uni. I was friends with a bunch of Americans who'd get Friends taped and sent to them (this was before the internet, chaps). And we'd go over to someone's house, pile onto the couch and imbibe Americana for a bit.

But then they invented GChat and Twitter, in the decade in between! Last year, jonathanstrahan and I watched every episode almost on Gmail Chat together - was so much fun! And last year was about when we were all getting au fait with Twitter and would kind of group watch it. This year, it looks like a huge bunch of my tweeps (that's twitter people) are watching it and it's so much fun to comment at each other about it. Mostly it's commentary on who is gonna cry. But still! It's a nice light laugh at the end of a day.

I don't have any favourites yet. Though man, I really want pavlova!

Tags: cooking, tv shows

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