girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

nighttime shenanigans

I was having a conversation with maelkann last night, and missing him terribly, and the rest of the conversation so deserved to be had in person. So I did the thing he normally does, and packed up and drove to see him. Our joke is that we are "only 56 minutes away" - as in "stop talking and get here already." He has driven to me at the last minute a couple of times now so I figured it was my turn.

So I arrive 50-odd minutes later with work clothes, laptop and dog in hand. We finish the conversation. Check our email. And go to bed. And the dog just would not settle down. He is such a creature of habit and I have only just broken him of the habit of barking at 4am (by sleeping with the fan on to create white noise over whatever it is that he is barking at). And sailors start work much earlier than me. I already knew getting up was going to hurt in the morning, but to do it without much sleep? I'm getting too old for that. So I pack up work clothes, laptop and dog and head home.

Dog, by the way, snoozes a little of the drive and then looks at me with puppy dog eyes for the rest of the journey. We get home and he goes straight to bed, settles straight away and doesn't move for the rest of the night. Grrr. Though he was a little sluggish in the morning and easy to catch to put outside as I left.

And that was my adventures last night. Sigh.


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