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I've been home several hours and have been too tired to move, let alone work, which is annoying as there is much in my inbox to address/progress. As usual.

Today I went to the KSP Minicon. I got up early, probably too early for me on a Sunday, and headed off to the con. And drove far too far up Great Eastern Highway. Just as well I texted editormum who soon sorted me out. I hung out in the booksellers room and knitted and talked to the others in the room mostly. Was lovely getting to know Bevan McGuinness, whom I'd not met before. Was lovely catching up and seeing everyone who popped past, even if just for a minute or two. It's nice to touch base with people, I guess. And then I stood talking to editormum for like an hour and a half outside about other things before leaving. Which was lovely. Though now I am truly knackered.

Yesterday I had a truly productive day, finally settling down to work at about 3pm and working solidly well past midnight whilst maelkann napped, played on his xbox and then watched the rugby. Course that's always the way, over productive yesterday, not that much done today.

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