girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Changing my life. Again!

Last weekend I finally sorted myself out with a digi-whatsamajig for plugging my ipod into my car radio. There's a bunch of choices on the market for a range of prices and it really was quite confusing. In the end though I went with a hot pink one (:P) at the lower end of the range and it's fantabulous!

I didn't actually get it out of the packet until this weekend when I did a bit of driving - visiting maelkann involves a 2 hour round trip so I think it will bother me far less if I can feel like I'm doing something constructive like enjoyably catching up on podcasts, especially when I really don't actually have the time to listen to podcasts much.

Well! This has CHANGED MY LIFE! It works perfectly, took not 2 secs to set up, charges the ipod (and iphone if I switch) and the sound quality is awesome! Of course the downfall to the whole plan is I am crap at updating my ipod with new stuff I have subscribed and downloaded on iTunes. I've even enjoyed just listening in 20 mins or less timeslots as I drive to work and so on. I'm a little worried I have just muscled out all the moments that I listen to music. Though I did suddenly realise this means I can listen to ANYTHING in my music collection in my car WHENEVER I want - yes I am not an early adopter :) Just as well I spent all that time uploading almost all my music last year.

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