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in my actual publishing news, I think I nearly have 3 of my 7 books done. Yesterday I was still waist-deep in not knowing where the end of the tunnel was and then on my way in this morning I realised that someone had switched on the light, not that far away.

I've seen the Horn internals and there are only minor tweaks left before that goes off to the printer. Most of Sprawl has been sent to first proofing and layout. Almost all the stories have been through their major edits stage. Very few are still on the back and forth with minor edits. And about half the contracts have gone out. And the cover is done for Sprawl so once all the stories are edited, there's not too much work left in that, I hope. And almost all of Glitter Rose is at layout and I've seen the preliminary draft from vodkandlime for it and it is *very pretty*. We're just finalising the artwork and cover and Marianne is polishing off the final story and that too will be very soon ready to go to the printers.

Which is pretty cool!

Course, I still have 4 other books I need to get moving on. But having 3 under my belt does feel somewhat reassuring. And once these are underway, I can get back to editing Robot War Espresso and the first half of the final book I am yet to officially announce - a second novella double. And after that, I'm all awaiting for authors to finish work. Though, 2011 projects are sorta in my inbox too ...

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