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TwelfthPlanet Cast

So yay! You can now subscribe to the TwelfthPlanetCast podcast via iTunes by searching for "Twelfth Planet Press".

Big thanks to aifin and jonathanstrahan for helping pull teeth to get that there. I really hate working right out on the edge of my technical skills set. It's not perfect and I need to fine tune a few things but what is perfect is the reading by crankynick of petermball's "One Saturday Night, With Angel" from our upcoming anthology Sprawl.

I have also been lucky enough that some other people have agreed to read for the podcast and so the schedule, released fortnightly in the weeks that are not the Galactic Suburbia weeks:

Episode 1 - "One Saturday Night With Angel" by Peter M Ball from Sprawl, read by Nick Evans
Episode 2 - "Language Lessons" by Patti Kurtz from Shiny Issue 6, read by Tehani Wessely
Episode 3 - "Yowie" by Thoraiya Dyer from Sprawl, read by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tags: podcast, shiny, sprawl, twelfth planet press

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