girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Why yes, we need to have this conversation AGAIN

I'm sick and my voice is hoarse so I can't shout as loud as I would like but this stuff is just starting to make me *very* angry. I would just let it slide by as yet another man with another non-diverse, reading experience but I did say on the latest episode of Galactic Suburbia that I am going to point and shout louder and louder on this issue. And besides, it's obvious that James L Sutter doesn't spend much time on the internet because ...

Why yes, it's another man editing a collection of reprint stories that is embarrassingly lacking in women.

Personally, I am infuriated that more recently published writers are taking the slots that should rightfully be held by some of the GIANT FEMALE writers that have graced the science fiction field, even if so many of today's male critics and commentators, and editors, seem to have forgotten them. Or perhaps never saw them in the first place.

This will be another book that I do not buy.

Tansy says more here

Tags: breaking through the glass ceiling of sf, feminism
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