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Power and Majesty

I'm doing the bit that I don't ever get to do in this whole publishing biz - I am currently playing the role of "friend" in my friend's writing journey. Yesterday Tansy Rayner Robert's first volume in her Creature Court trilogy was released - Power and Majesty. And my job as friend is to be utterly excited, squee, support, promote and adore. I get to read the book and love it!

Turns out it's awesome to be the proud friend and stand next to her and watch her success. We followed along all day on Twitter to discover that the instore date is June 8th. Last week I went into a store and requested the book and then preordered my copy. The woman looked at me and said, "Never heard of her" to which I just stood there and blinked, blank faced. What the hell was that to me if she'd never heard of her? How do I know how to calibrate that? Once I went into a big chain store and asked for Salman Rushdie and got the same blank stare. After a beat or two, she went to like mock look at the New Releases section before offering to look it up on the computer - "oh, we have 12 on order," she said (I thought, "you bet your arse you do"). And I put one aside. Apparently they will text me as soon as my copy is in. I gotta admit, parts of living in the future are fucking awesome.

So you know, I don't much go for the Big Fat Fantasy trilogy product. But Tansy has assisted me in this fact by opening her story with Chapter 1 including hot naked young men falling from the sky. And ... she has beautifully read aloud this chapter on her new Creature Court podcast here

And that IS a mighty fine hook - writers take notice, it's all in the opening. That's all I'm sayin'!

Tansy will be reading the first four chapters on her podcast and she includes some chatting about the book and the process as well. It's well worth sampling if, like me, BFF is not your usual staple diet. Cause ... you WANT TO read this book!

And I'll say it, cause I'm the friend, the most important time to buy a new book is in the first 6 weeks of its release. Because publishing is a hard business and decisions are made on how well a book sells in just that short a time. 6 weeks can be all the time it's even available in a big chain bookstore before its pulled from lack of sales. So go in and buy it or ask for it if they don't have it!

Tansy is one of the freshest Aussie writers on the specfic scene - she is funny and engrossing and a guaranteed good read.

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