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and in other news

Yesterday I finally got around to getting my car assessed for insurance after the Hail Storm in March. I must say that the insurance company was really great to deal with - I was directed to the assessment centre and when I arrived early for my appointment yesterday, the whole thing ran like clockwork. They have still a couple of assessors working and people were constantly arriving with hail damaged cars. A very nice assessor came and looked at the car and then wrote it off. And he talked me through all the implications etc - I bought my car back at their assessed salvage value (it was that or clear the car out and be stranded). And I will reinsure it I guess and then figure out what I am doing later on.

Seemed relatively painless to be honest. And isn't that always the way? I tend to put off these kind of things - both because they require decisions to be made and also because they require taking time off work and driving to unknown places etc. But having finally done it and it not really being a big deal, I feel quite relieved.

The car needs a couple of repairs but I think it's gonna be fine for a bit longer.


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