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Twitter is down!

Oooooooh too many tweets!!!

So what stuff would I be tweeting right now if I could?

I'm glad i went to the bathroom 5 minutes ago cause now it's raining. This may mean no chocolates in my near future.

And @tezzasaurus had to blog me this link: here to Boing Boing - I would probably have replied on twitter but instead will say, I am refraining from reading the comments and am enjoying these bits:

In the comments section of my post last Friday on women in science, a couple people were confused by the idea that bigotry and discrimination could be something done, for lack of a better word, accidentally ... even subconsciously. ... Most of us were raised understanding that discrimination was a bad thing, done by bad people who thought that they were superior to the people they discriminated against. It's logical to look at the way we learn about discrimination and say, "That doesn't describe me, so I'm OK."

The truth, sadly, is a bit more complicated.

Good people—people who aren't supremacists of any sort—can and do act in ways that support systemic discrimination. We do this, not because we're full of hate, but because we're full of other lessons we learned ... And, if we happen to have been born into a non-minority category, we have the privilege of not even noticing when those old lessons direct us to do things that discriminate—because, from our point of view, the world still looks fair.

My emphasis.

In other words, not setting out to discriminate, or not intending to be biased, does not therefore mean that the results of your actions and words are not so.

She finishes with:

Sometimes, people with the privilege to not think about diversity don't, and they make decisions that leave out people not like them. When that same situation happens over and over and over, the people who don't look like the privileged end upmarginalized. It's simple. And, frankly, it's a lot scarier than big, evil villains, because it's harder to change. In the future, I'm going to try harder to think past my own privilege. And, whether your privilege is based on gender, race, wealth, sexuality, or culture ... I hope this post will remind you to do the same.
Tags: breaking through the glass ceiling of sf, feminism

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