girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Craft Photo Post Day 4

Four days in a row! I want to rule this week as a week I kicked arsed and I'm still working on it. Today I worked on a job application and I sent out edits to the author of one of the remaining 5 novellas I am trying to get out by Worldcon.

So not an overly big update but progress and that's the point:

Here is a new pile of triangles I've been cutting for the charm quilt. I might start sorting into colour and seeing what they match up with the other ones I have cut and sorted - 6 triangles make a hexagon and I'm doing those by colour and light to dark.

And another completed scrap log cabin. I have a ton of these on the go cause sewing them gets pretty repetitive and I have accumulated a lot of scraps all of a sudden. I figure it's an ongoing project but I'd like to get on top of the scrap piles before they get to big and I look like the crazy lady collecting itty bitty scraps of fabric.

Tags: craft, quilting

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