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Dinner with my honey

My instructions for last night were to be dressed and pretty by 6pm at my place. I was dressed as per the instructions and left beauty in the eye of the beholder. A very good looking young man in a jacket (!) came to pick me up and it felt like such a long time since I'd seen him. I guessed incorrectly where we were going (he was wearing jeans) and ended up being escorted to a restaurant I had heard a lot about but had never been to.

maelkann took me to The Blue Duck for our 6 month anniversary and our table overlooked Cottesloe beach. I'm not sure I've ever told him, and I know he spent a lot of time looking for the right place and didn't factor this in, but overlooking the waves crashing along the beach is one of my calming places that I go to to relax and destress (both in my mind and in real life). I consider that the most romantic of scenes. And the whole - look at the expanse of ocean, realise you are but a drop in it kinda stuff.

So I sat there, looking out to the gorgeous view, and into the eyes of a gorgeous man, my gorgeous man, and just had a really lovely time. Not scripted, not self conscious, just us, talking and laughing and sipping wine* and enjoying ourselves. It was truly romantic.

And we had coffee and then we went home.

The funniest thing though happened - we got home and we were all being serious, and sharing sweet nothings and whatnot, and Benji, who obviously was suffering from lack of attention, picks up his toy and starts making it squeak. And squeak and squeak and squeak. For like 10 minutes straight. And maelkann says to me, "I could have gotten a string quartet, but instead I got a puppy with a chicken." And I was in fits of giggles for a while after that.

*my one waiver for the sugar free thing. I don't drink a lot so this shouldn't impact on the kicking the addiction thing.

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