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Aqueduct Press prints its 50th book in 6 years

Jeff Vandermeer has a feature interview at Omnivoracious with L. Timmel Duchamp, the founder of Aqueduct Press. Aqueduct Press have just published their 50th book in just 6 years of press. It's not Helen Merrick's book, below, but they published that too and it's well worth a read. Aqueduct Press is one of the presses that inspire and motivate me. It's the kind of press I'd like Twelfth Planet Press to be some day.

Over at his blog, Jeff talks about 50-6-1 - 50 books in 6 years and one reader at a time. He says "You’re that one reader now, so if you like Aqueduct, if you like me are impressed by this achievement, please re-blog the link to the feature and a link to Aqueduct’s main page for those who want to order that way instead, and support this unique publisher with some book sales love."

Well, I am that one reader, so here is my blog post telling you about this important and hard earned achievement. And now I am off to buy some Aqueduct books. Congatulations Aqueduct! Here's to 50 more! 
Tags: breaking through the glass ceiling of sf, publishing

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