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Pulling back

I'm taking a couple of days off editing and publishing. I'm following the advice that sometimes less is more, that pushing yourself beyond reasonable stress levels reduces quality and effectiveness. Ultimately, to me, the quality of the books we print is more important to me than meeting deadlines. That's hard to do though when meeting deadlines has been one of the core goals set for Twelfth Planet Press.

Still, I've been lucky in that the July 12 deadline has become flexible. Fablecroft and Twelfth Planet Press have a joint printing schedule which means that the printer can do a tight turnaround for each of the six books we've sent to them as long as the titles don't all come in at once. Angelic music to my ears!!

I'm doing a small reprinting of A Book of Endings so that I have copies available at Worldcon. This was the first of my books to be printed and went to print this week. Glitter Rose is mostly at print at a different printers, with just the cover needing to be uploaded. And i've paid for half the printing as the deposit. So really this week I sent two books to press. And rather than push on with the tonne of other work, I'm gonna take a day or too to enjoy the fact that some tasks are indeed completed.

Sprawl will likely be next to go to print. Amanda is going to pop software on my laptop to help ease proofing changes to laid out manucripts and next week I shall work through the proofing feedback for that. Bleed will be off to proofing too. And really that's 4 books about done and ready for the fun bit - I confess, I love packaging and posting off bought copies.

I mentioned it on Galactic Suburbia already. There is a second novella double being worked on for Worldcon. Thoraiya Dyer wrote me a pirate story featuring two Australuan teens with attitude issues. The Company Articles of Edward Teach will be partnered with a second story yet to be revealed.

But I need a break cause all the words are starting to look the same ;)

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